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Dental Laboratory at NobiDent

NobiDent's dental laboratory is one of the key elements of our success in offering high-quality dental services. The combination of the latest technology, the experience of our staff and our constant commitment to innovation makes our laboratory one of the best in the region.

Why the NobiDent Dental Laboratory?

  • Advanced technology: We constantly invest in equipment and new technologies to ensure that our patients receive dental treatments and solutions based on the latest research and technology.
  • Specialized Team: Our laboratory staff consists of internationally trained dental technicians, dedicated to creating dental works of art with precision and care.
  • Various Products: We offer a wide range of products, from dentures, bridges, veneers, to orthodontic braces and more.
  • Strict Quality Control: Every product that leaves our laboratory goes through a rigorous quality control process to ensure strength and durability.

How Does Our Dental Laboratory Work?

At NobiDent, we have full confidence in the capabilities and experience of our dental laboratory. This is why the dental treatments we offer end in excellent results and satisfied patients. Our laboratory is the heart of our operations and we are proud of the dedication and passion our team brings every day.

Case Analysis

For every patient who visits NobiDent, our team works closely with the laboratory to analyze and plan the best treatment approach.

Design and Production

The use of 3D scanning and design technology allows us to create dental solutions with perfect fit and aesthetics.

Use of High Quality Materials

We only use internationally recognized materials, which are durable and safe for use.

Assembly and Final Check

After manufacturing, the products are tested and checked in the clinic to ensure they are suitable and comfortable for the patient.

Contact our specialists

For more information, or to schedule a consultation, please contact Nobi Dent.